Below you can find a number of tutorials and links to resources that can help answer frequently asked questions related to the Induction process.

Getting Started

Here you can access a tutorial that can help with getting started with Induction. There is also a link below to the TDS website where all of our information and resources are located.

TDS Website

Route to Certification

The Route to Certification activity is intended to help teachers understand their own Statement of Eligibility and the specific requirements that need to be met for their certification. This tutorial video walks through this activity step-by-step.

Route docs

Sanford Inspire

The Sanford Inspire resource is a big part of Induction. There are three different Sanford assignments that are part of the Induction requirements. This tutorial can help you get started working in Sanford Inspire.

Sanford docs


PowerSchool is the platform that the district uses for teachers to sign up for Professional Development training opportunities. This video will walk you through how to sign up for the Champs Classroom Management training that is one of the Induction requirements for new teachers.

PowerSchool login

Accessing Blackboard

Blackboard is the location where all of your items for Induction get uploaded. This screen cast tutorial will walk you through getting started working in Blackboard.

Blackboard log in