The resources below are not part of the requirements for Induction, but may help those teachers who are looking for support with classroom managment.

Teach Like a Champion

Here, you can access details for classroom management techniques outlined by Doug Lemov in chapter six of the book Teach Like a Champion. There are also video links to see some of these techniques in practice in an actual classroom.

TLAC Chapter 6 Chapter 6 Videos


At this link below, you can access some of the resources and templates from the CHAMPs book by Randy Sprick.

Champs resources

Self Assessment

Here you can access a self-assessment tool to explores some of the strategies and best practices for classroom management in a high-poverty school setting. There is also a short video link on the qualities of a "warm-demander," which is outlined on this self-assessment. If it interests you, this may be a good resource to discuss further with your mentor or TDS Specialist.


First Days of School

In these videos linked below, you can view some examples that model what the first few days of school might look like for teachers to focus exclusively on rituals, routines, and procedures.

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:

Rituals and Routines

In the videos below, you can access some important considerations related to the development of rituals and routines. Check out the videos that applies best, whether you teach elementary or secondary.



Restroom Passes: